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DSCF5673Features of the pest monitoring service provided

  • Practical site specific advice (regular and targeted farm visits)
  • Integrated approach with the aim to reduce indiscriminate chemical applications
  • Easy to read reports and open access to advisors
  • Grower autonomy maintained
  • Confidentiality

 Other services offered

  • Nutrition programs
  • Soil, Sap, Leaf and Petiole testing (collection and reporting)
  • In season agronomy service (crop assessment / management advice)
  • Satellite imagery
  • Technical support and troubleshooting (relating to crop management and production issues)
  • Bee hive assessments (almond pollination)
  • Business Plans (operational review and analysis)
  • Sprayer assessment
  • Export protocol assessments (approved assessors for citrus to the USA, China, Korea and Thailand markets)
  • Fruit quality assessments
  • Crop estimation
  • Industry collaboration projects